SpyClock - Turn your Android phone into a real professional Full HD spy camera with this incredible Widget!

SpyClock is the only real application for Android that hides behind a Simple Clock Widget a powerful mechanism that transforms your phone into a Full HD Spy Camera that works completely in background...

You can shoot whatever you want without arousing any suspicion as the phone can be used as usually as if nothing had happened, including calls and lock screen in standby!

For your safety, this is also the only app that hides the records in a secret gallery encrypted with AES 128bit! No one will ever be able to access your videos!

Try it for free on Google Play!

The Free version compared to all the competitors HAS NO LIMITS on the duration of recordings!

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It's told that behind every brilliant idea lies a simple necessity, and likewise that the best place to hide a letter is on the mantlepiece. Joining these two premises we review SpyClock, which is so interesting that the first thing you'll wonder is why hasn't anyone done this before.