• Basic video recording.

  • Follow these simple steps to get familiar with how SpyClock works.
       - Launch "Clock Widget" app.
       - The first time you will be prompted to enter a personal password.
       - Enter password and go to the secret settings menu.
       - Choose default camera, default storage path, and recording profile.
       - Return to the Android Home Screen and add the widget named "Clock Widget".
       - Now just tap on the clock widget to start and stop video recording (a red clock hand indicate recording status).

  • This app is really Free?

  • Yes, this app is completely free.
    No other application that records video in the background gives the possibility to record videos without any recording duration limit!

  • Where are stored my video files?

  • Your video files are stored in a AES 128 Encrypted container.
    To access them go to the secret gallery menu in "Clock Widget" app after entered your personal password.
    No video are visible by any other application in your device.

  • What happens if I want to change my password?

  • In the settings menu you are free to change your password whenever you want.
    Keep in mind that changing passwords old videos will be accessible only through the old password because them was encrypted with current password. But do not worry!
    Just change the password again with your old password to access them again!

  • Some videos seem not playable or corrupted!

  • Possible solutions:
       - Try to change recording profile or enable "try hi resolution" flag in settings menu.
       - Are you sure you did not change the password? If so read the point above.

  • I want transfer my recorded videos on my Personal Computer or other device. How can I do?

  • Since the videos are encrypted you must first export it in unencrypted format.
    In the Gallery you can do this simply by selecting them and in the menu tap on "Export".
    The selected items will be exported in your device Gallery so you can share and copy to other device or personal computer like any other media file.
    Keep in mind that only Pro version is able to Export Videos.